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  • Metal Welding Solutions
  • Metal Welding Solutions
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    Our undertaking has established in 2017 with welding, isometric pipe repairing and other locksmith works as main activities.

    We have gained our experiences from a company from Hungary. We would like to make the most of this knowledge and carry it on.

    In the recent years we have been working in oil refineries and companies of chemical industry from which we have got positive feedbacks over and over which we consider as good reference.

    We endeavor to exquisite, precise and correct work with our colleagues. We believe in quality. This is why we encourage you dear Client to choose us for further cooperation.

    Please make sure of our technicians’ competencies and qualitative work.

    Sincerely yours,

    Bözödi Sándor

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    Str. Museului 24 C
    Vlahita, 535800 Romania
    Telephone: +40 743 40 66 45
    E-mail: bozodisanyi@yahoo.com

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